Hello!  We’re Noel, Anise, and Adriann.  We all love food.  So much so that we decided we needed a place to write about it where the whole world could read.  We have three unique perspectives on food, coming from different backgrounds and dietary restraints.  Noel eats like a rabbit, lots of veggies and fruit, but no dairy, no citrus, no meat, no eggs, nothing too acidic like tomatoes, and what sounds like no fun to the outside world.  However, within her limits, she finds and creates tasty, healthy, colorful food.  Anise has the pleasure of working at a delicious local restaurant, The Girl and the Fig.  The food she grew up with at home has a yummy Persian background.  Adriann is known for ransacking her cabinets, fridge, and freezer to making a great, balanced dinner out of thin air.  We all love to eat great food.  Read on and enjoy food!