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Parties with Good Food

I went to two parties this weekend, both with good food.  Friday night was a birthday party for a great friend (C).  Another amazing friend (B) is a fantastic cook and really should have his own blog as I would read it.  B made garlic herb pizza dough balls with sausage in them.  He was right, they could have used some cheese, he was thinking ricotta.  But still, that dough had enough going on that it was tasty.  B also made creme brulee.  He again derided his own creation, saying he didn’t cook them long enough, but a little gooey is so much better than hard.  The sugar that had been co-mingling with vanilla beans caramelized on top made it amazing.  I very much want a cooking torch.  I don’t know what brand this one was, but it was a little tricky to use, having to push down on one bit and push in another.  Sort of a two-handed operation for the uninitiated.

The second party was hosted by T and J.  J is a domestic goddess.  She baked 6 dozen chocolate and white cupcakes and had out a whole slew of decorations for people to use.  Multiple sprinkles, oreos, gummi bears, Halloween themed chocolate “art”*, fudge frosting, and regular frosting in yellow, orange, green, and blue.  Over the course of the evening three beef shepard’s pies came hot out of the oven, as well as multiple puff pastries with pesto from Oliver’s (super yummy), melted and bubbly shredded mozzarella, and then fresh marinated** tomatoes on top.  In addition to all that, there were chips, candy, and a salami/cheese/bread spread.  Some of the cheese was tasty garlic cheese curds.  I need to get some next time I’m at the farmers market.

Thanks for the great food!

*When melted chocolate is used to draw little doodles and then hardens.  She made witch hats, black cats, and the like.

** The marinade was olive oil and I don’t know what else, but the tomatoes were coming out of a bag that had more going on than tomatoes and olive oil.

Hello world!

Welcome to Three Chicks Talking About Food!  Anise, Noel, and I (Adriann) love food, eating food, and talking about food.  So much so that we now have a blog so you can enjoy us talking about food, too!  And lucky you, you’ve found us!

I like to cook more than bake.  I’m good at throwing together a meal from whatever.  That whatever usually involves garlic.  Cheese is amazing.  “I’ve got fantasies, and they all revolve around cheese.” -Musictowearpantsto