This sure looks good and is a great idea for summer vegetable dipping snacks! They cucumber in the dip would be so cool and refreshing. The spices in this recipe look really yummy. I love the warm savory flavor of cumin seeds, which remind me of home. I think I’ll try making this hummus with either unsweetened cultured almond or coconut milk (vegan yogurt) instead of soy, and I think I’ll add more garlic, too.


Now where did I put that recipe? My filing system is hardly fool-proof, and probably completely incomprehensible to anyone other than me, but rarely do I lose recipes entirely. All works in progress are always digital, at least, so there aren’t a hundred scraps of splattered and stained paper piled high on tables or shoved into desk drawers. Most are now carefully organized into the graciously all-inclusive cloud, always searchable and instantly backed up, putting my anxious mind at ease. That’s why it’s confounding when things still slip through the cracks, despite the care taken to prevent such disasters. Misplacing a recipe for something as stunningly delicious as this hummus recipe, for example, was nearly a snacking tragedy.

Dramatic words indeed, but this particular mash-up of both that beloved garbanzo bean spread and cool, creamy cucumber tzatziki exceeded even my own expectations from the very first batch. Lighter and…

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