Whenever I go to the San Francisco Ferry Building farmers market (granted I’ve only been a couple times), I cannot help stopping by the Mariposa Baking Company and buying something tasty. All of Mariposa’s goodies are gluten, dairy and/or egg free, but they taste like they are “normal” and full of allergens. You know, the glutenous, full-fat, refined-sugar kind. The textures are great, too, not flat, super dense or too sticky. The “mouth Feel” is of “normal” airy fluffy baked goods, too. Did I mention that all of their items that I have had so far are very impressive and scrumptious! Mariposa  makes all sorts of things, from cupcakes and cookies to bread and pizza crusts. I just glanced at their website and discovered they now carry pecan pie, too!

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On Tuesday,I went to Oliver’s Market in Cotati to pick up some things I needed on the way home from work.  Not only did they have bunches of asparagus for $1.69 per pound, which I bought for dinner, but also Mariposa goodies in the gluten-free breads section with a whole bunch of other locally made cookies, brownies, muffins and breads. I’m so excited! I somehow resisted the urge to get any coconut lemon bars or “cream”-filled Penguinos. Next time I may not be so lucky.