There are some things in my kitchen that are rocking my world right now.  Basic as they may be, I need to sing their praises.  Today:  Freshly ground pepper.  Yep.  Basic.  My dad bought Alex and me a simple Archer Farmers Pepper grinder from Target for Christmas.  But as basic as it is, I’m so in love with it.

Darn if I can find an image of an Archer Farms Pepper Grinder online and I am feeling too lazy to go take  a picture of mine, so you get to see practically the same thing by McCormic.  I am bummed its not a refillable grinder.  Next year I’ll have to add something like this to my Christmakah list:

Image Source.


Alex’s mom did give us a ratchet grinder for Christmakah, and there is no reason I couldn’t put pepper in it.  But I sort of want to use it for rock salt or just milling other spices, since I made so much chai at home.

No matter what method you use, freshly ground pepper is much, much more fragrant and delicious that already ground, been sitting in your cabinet for 4 years because you bought it at Costco, pepper.  Using great ingredients is a way to make a good cook into a great cook.  Pepper is a basic ingredient that goes into a lot of my cooking.  If you aren’t already using a pepper grinder, why not give one a try?  Does anyone who does use a refillable mill have a suggestion on the best peppercorns to use?  I’ll probably end up just buying mine from the bulk section at Oliver’s Market.