Curry is delicious.  I’ve got it on the brain since my friend Kat and I tried a new thai place yesterday.  Thai House on Fourth Street in Santa Rosa.  Delicious!  Its a strange location, since all you see from the sidewalk is a sign reading “Thai <–” and a narrow, kind of dark stairway going up.  We ventured up the oddly twisting stairs to a door that looked like a fire escape.  On the other side of that door… Paradise.  Its a comfortable, warm, space with huge windows and a large rock waterfall in the corner.  The coconut soup that came with our lunches was rich, creamy, and as sinful as soup can be.  My yellow chicken curry (mild) (Yes, very boring white girl, but I wanted a “standard” to compare) was great.  Also rich and creamy, which I was in the mood for that day, the vegetables weren’t over done, and the chicken was nice and tender.  I’m really looking forward to my leftovers for lunch today.  All of that was $7.95 plus tax.  Kat, my adventurous friend and Thai food nut, got a thai coffee, super yummy chicken satay (she let me have a piece), and mussaman curry.  I’m SO getting that next time!  Peanut sauce curry.  What’s not to love?  We were already nice and full and didn’t get any fried ice cream, but we were tempted.  (And, as you know, I’m trying to eat more slowly and less.  Which means lucky me has leftovers today!)  When Kat and I go back, we are bringing our guys and sitting in the special dinner section of the restaurant.  You take off your shoes and sit on cushions.  That area is really beautifully decorated with carved wood pieces and candles.  Just gorgeous.

As I’ve been cruising the internet today, I came across this recipe: Potato and Cauliflower Curry.  This sounds great!  I’ve been wanting to eat more cauliflower (as a way to sneak in more veggies).  And though my standard curry is pretty good, its always fun to have something different.