I love to eat.  I eat with joyful abandon and rarely any guilt.  I have no problem with that.  The problem I have is eating too fast.  I need to slow down, be in the moment, really taste, chew, and enjoy my food.  I need to hear what my body is telling me.  Am I full?  Am I hungry in the first place?  Sometimes I eat more simply because something is really delicious.  My new approach is to really savor that sumptuous morsel the first time.  Let the flavors and textures roll around in my mouth and express themselves.  I will take enjoying my food to a whole new level.  A happily anticipated by-product of this deletable savoring will be to eat less.  I’ll be paying attention and know when I don’t need to eat anymore.  I won’t be eating just because food is there.  If I’m going to take the time to eat something, I’ll really have to decide if I want it.  If I can only eat so much before I’m not hungry, would I rather have the juicy hot hamburger with crisp pickle and a toasty bun or the frosty chocolate shake?  Hamburger.  Hands down.  Is Kraft Mac N Cheese better than a bowl of icecream?  Sometimes, but not always.  And as much as I love eating that bowl of Mac on the couch with Xena on, I should take the time to eat it at the table, maybe on a plate with some peas, too.  I know, crazy talk.  And I still believe any cheesy amazing homemade baked until bubbly pasta casserole I make is better than that blue box.  Better body nourishing, better soul nourishing, better whatever.

I plan on applying myself to this new habit formation for a month.  I’m breaking my goals up this year into bite sized pieces (haha).  I LOVE setting goals, and I get a ton of stuff done.  I am a go gettin’ gal.  One of my favorite blogs, The Unclutterer, has a great idea of breaking up resolution type goals into months.  If you are only focusing on one goal at a time you have a much better chance of accomplishing it.  A month is a good amount of time to establish a new habit.  This month is for me is getting into the habit of eating slowly and listening to my body about food. Next month might be to try some more healthy recipes for dinner so I’m not so tempted by siren call of golden cheese crusted hot and bubbly pasta.

Do you have any food positive goals?  Maybe a plan to try a new recipe every week?  Maybe doing something crazy like going dairy free for a month to see if you function better?  (Not in my food world!)  I’d love to hear about it so we can support each other.  If you want to eat more slowly, here’s a great resource from Zen Habits.