I really like lime. I mean really, really. This year I found a new favorite! At the local farmers market, I discovered sweet limes, a yellow to yellow-green mild flavored, low acid, low sugar variety that I can eat straight, like a satsuma orange. I think the Fresno-grown ones that I buy are either the Mary Ellen or Palestine variety of sweet limes.

Most regular green limes are rather acidic and not good for my acid reflux, so I limit my consumption to small amounts mixed into other things (unless I know my digestion needs a boost to break down watery or cold foods). Lime flavored water is fantastic, by the way. Think of lemon water but with lime. Flavoring water encourages me to drink more throughout the day, which is particularly important on hot days or when exercising. You can use other juices or even tea in your water, too.

Lime & Lemon Water
4 to 5 cups

4-5 cups Filtered Water
1 teaspoon Lime or Lemon Juice

I fill my big Nalgene bottle with water and add a squeeze of lime or lemon juice. Just be careful to exclude seeds. I make sure I tighten the lid on before I shake it to avoid getting water all over the kitchen. If you’re in a hurry and on your way out the door, you don’t have to shake it. Just walking with it in your hand or in your bag will mix it up.

More Lime Ideas
Before you cut into your lime, you can zest the rind. If you dehydrate the zest, you can use it in other recipes later. You can also candy the rind for a nice dessert treat. Having drinks and foods with Lime is also a great way to get rid of sugar craving, since they have a slight sweet flavor. Sometimes even I have lime cravings that may be due to vitamin C deficiencies. Mixing lime and coconut into food helps, too, since your body digests the carbohydrates found in coconut meat like sugars without sugar highs or further sugar cravings.

Limes and other citrus are also in season right now as winter fruits, so it’s a great time to buy fresh ones grown in the US. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin C to boost your immune system and avoid getting sick with a cold, flu or other bug during the end of the year or holiday stress.