I love macncheese.  I like Kraft Macncheese.  I have found memories of sharing a late night bowl of Easy Mac with my freshman year roommate, Amy.  I love, love, love my own homemade macncheese casserole.  I have a hard time calling it “Macaroni and Cheese”.  Penne is my noodle of choice.  The cheeses are a plenty.  Sadly, I have less cheese on hand these days, what with my husband being lactose intolerant I try to not fed him a lot of dairy products.  Dairy free cheese sounds bad and we are not yet willing to experiment for a good one.

This recipe comes from a friend I haven’t seen in ages, Brittney.  I made it last night for two delightful friends of mine, Jessie and Trish.  Jessie is the one that makes wonderful cupcakes and Trish eats them. 

Boil enough pasta for a 9×13 dish.  I usually fill the dish a little more than halfway with dry pasta to gauge it.

Put two cans of “Cheddar Cheese” soup in a pot.  Add two can fulls of milk.

Add about three cups of shredded or chopped up cheese.  (Reserve cheese for the top of the casserole!)  I’ve used feta, string cheese, cream cheese, and just about any thing else but blue. Last night I used medium tillamock cheddar, mozzarella, raw sharp white cheddar, and the rest of my Gruyère.  Look at that fancy auto-correct with the accent on!

So, you add all that cheese to the pot.  Make sure the heat is pretty low and you stir often enough so the milk and cheese don’t stick to the bottom.  Can’t be wasting delicious cheesiness!

Add about a tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce, about a tablespoon of ground mustard, and 2 tablespoons of minced garlic.  Yum, garlic.

Heat sauce until everything is melty!

Pour sauce over noodles, spreading so everything is covered.  Top with more cheese.  You could add cooked sausage or peas to this dish, if you were a hieratic.

Bake until bubbly!  About an hour on 350.  Beware of dripping over the side.


How do you like your mac and cheese?