Dragon Fruit is strange.  Alex saw one at Oliver’s the other day and really, really wanted to try it.  He loves fruit and he loves dragons.  What a great combination!  Except, this beautiful, colorful, interestingly named fruit tasted kind of… bland.  I know, I was shocked!  Alex described it fairly accurately  it is reminiscent of a Costco Poppy Seed Muffin.  Its soft, sweet, and has little black seeds in it.  Just make the muffin more “wet” and you’ve pretty much got it. Very disappointing.

It had such promise!  The name alone, the vibrant red with neat flappy bits on the outside, the surprising white with black on the inside.  Like no other fruit.

I do really like this picture of the orchard I found. They grow well in Thailand, Vietnam, Central America, and cam be grown in places like San Diego or in greenhouses.  Its a beautiful plant if nothing else.