I was reading a new to me blog, Makeness, and the author, Illana Burk, has a series she’s posting “The Giving Project”.  The most recent one is “Day 6: Give a salad.  Make a happy tummy.”  Well, for Noel’s sake alone I felt I should check it out, since salad is pretty much all that seems to make her tummy happy.  That and LOTS OF TRUFFLES!  Why are the truffles always gone!

Anyways, Illana writes about Salad Alchemy.  This sounds like a wonderful (and inexpensive) book.  It isn’t just a cook book or a recipe book from how its described, but something much richer.  And full of delicious salad.  I’m not crazy about salad, usually.  Its too much work.  I want too many fresh ingredients, but in small quantities because I don’t want to eat the same kind of salad over and over again.  I’ve got to mix it up.  This book looks gorgeous and is making me salad-vate.  That’s like salivate, but puny.