Wine, bread, cheese, salami toscano, sunshine.  What a wonderful combination!  My dear friend Sarah was over yesterday and we feasted!  We had crusty sourdough and some funny crackers called Raincoast with fig and olive in them.  Gruyere was a lovely counter to the runny, soft, gooey, delicious cheese we had.  I have to go back to Karen at Oliver’s in the cheeses to find out what it was I greedily consumed.  Really easy to spread, really decadent.  I got blueberries that we didn’t get to, but we did snack on dried apricots.  The wine was good, something red from Spain.  A plastic cork, which I’m not a fan of, mostly because I want enough cork for a cork board.  The salami was like some Alex and I had at our Second Reception.  Its Salami Toscano, and I love the big white bits in it.  Not sure I want to know what that is, it probably isn’t great for me.  Yep, the internet says it is not good for me.  Oh, well.

Now, get off your computer and go make yourself a picnic and get out in this strangely warm and beautiful weather!

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P.S. Did you notice I figured out how to link text to webpages?  I’m so cool… 😉