My favorite new little shop is Bee Kind out in Sebastopol.  Their honey is so good!  They let me sample to my heart’s context, tasting and comparing flavors.  Their variety of honey is unbelievable.  So many different local differences.  Sonoma Lavender vs. Forestville Blackberry vs. Eel River Honeydew, etc, etc, etc.  The item that I most often drive out there for isn’t even honey.  Its their honey roasted almonds.  Addicting little morsels of deliciousness!  And I can pretend they are good for me, too.  Local honey helps with allergies (which have never bothered me anyways, but shhh) and almonds having Omega 3 fatty acids which I do need more of in my diet.  The creamed honey is wonderfully thick, almost like an apple butter.  Great on apples or toast.  If you love honey, you should get out on the 116 and try it.  If you don’t really like honey, but want to experiment, you should get out there and try it because they may have just the honey for you.