Potato salad doesn’t, however, take the best pictures.  This is the first potato salad I’ve ever made, to be honest.  I’ve been making pasta salads of various ingredients for over two months straight for my husband to take to work in his lunch.  This time, POTATO!  I got a huge sack of organic red potatoes from Oliver’s, a pound of Zoe’s bacon (http://www.zoesmeats.com/), a bundle of organic  green onions.  The bacon fried up perfectly in it’s already cut up little bits.  The grease bubbles prevented any sort of good picture there, and boiling potatoes aren’t glamorous, either.  Still, somehow with mayonnaise, a splash of white vinegar, and some pepper, it becomes a thing of beauty in my mouth.

I have no idea how to make it different next time.  I like putting meat in my “salads” so if that is the only thing Alex eats in the day, he won’t be too hungry.  I could do a potato salad with curry in it, but what veggies?  What meat?  Raw carrot and celery perhaps, but chicken in potato salad seems strange to me.  Any thoughts?