My husband and I went to El Coqui in downtown Santa Rosa today for a lunch date.  Yum-me!  Alex ordered the Canoa con carne de molida.  Roughly translated to Canoe with Ground Beef.  The fried plantain is stuffed with really great ground beef and covered with jack cheese.  Its crazy amazing.  You should go and order it, too.  Here’s the yelp link for the restaurant:

Or, if you are feeling adventurous, you could try this recipe I found and Google translated for us.
I would love to know how you like the restaurant, or better yet, if you find a great recipe for this.  I really need to make it at home.  It sounds pretty easy.
CANOE ripe banana

8 ripe bananas
1 pound ground beef
sauce to taste
2 crushed garlic
seasoning to taste
1 / 2 jar spaghetti sauce
1 / 2 cup water
pizza cheese
bananas oil for frying

How to prepare:
In a pot, pour the meat and let cook over medium heat, stirring to loosen them. When meat is cooked, discard the juice and add the sofrito solto, garlic and Sasson. Cook for a few minutes and top with sauce spaguetty and 1 / 2 cup water. Continue cooking covered over medium-low for 15 minutes. Apart Peel the bananas and the part that is shaped to make a canoe adventure deep oval without crossing the other side. Heat oil in a skillet to heat and cold whole bananas and fry over medium heat leaving. Place it on a napkin to absorb the oil (let cool before filling). Place in a pan filled with the meat and cover with cheese pizza or your preference. Put the microwave on high (hi) for 10 minutes or conventional oven at 350F for 20 minutes. Serve with salad or rice.

I prepare each wrapped in aluminum foil in the oven.