Ah, soup and bread! What a wonderful combination.

Paired with today’s dizzily, cold weather, it will make a perfect dinner. The soup is what I affectionately call “Crisper Drawer Soup”. You take whats in your fridge and pantry and once its in a big pot with liquid its soup. Today’s incarnation has about 5 wiggly carrots, an epic amount of garlic (I should really call this batch “Garlic Soup”), chopped green onion, frozen mixed vegetables, the rest of a roasted chicken, the gravy from said chicken, egg noodles made to look like barley (that has been in my pantry TOO LONG), and chicken broth (low sodium, organic fancy stuff). It smells delicious already, and I get to feel good about using up whats in my fridge.

The bread is making itself in my machine. That bread machine was a lovely wedding present from Ron and Brady, my new cousins in law. I’m trying a new recipe, “French Bread”. The white and country white were both better than expected. Of course, its hard to be disappointed with bread hot out of the baking device unless you didn’t attach the kneading tool right and you only have a brick of cooked flour. That happened to my first loaf…

What are you having for dinner?